Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Glory of the Bubble

A post first on CannabisChassidis’ take on the month of Tammuz and a McKennaian inspired theory on Migdal Bavel led to a post on WonderingJew’s musings of the incident... this in turn aroused me to do some speculating of my own.
To me Migdal Bavel revolved around the idea the we can achieve all on our own through advancement, exclamations of “we no longer need rely upon God” likely being the prevalent sentiment. Collective ability of Man becomes the object of veneration rather than a means through which to come closer to God’s Truth. This concept has re-emerged in various fashions throughout history, to me it is the ‘Cult of Man’. Perhaps they believed that by geometrically aligning their tower with the constellations they would be able to usurp the Shamayim it is symbolic of and use it too for self aggrandizement, a tribute to themselves.
According to ChaZaL, Nimrod was the motivating individual in this whole scheme, he was the son of Cush, who was the son of Cham. Perhaps by this point several pseudo languages had already developed along the migratory routes of Shem, Cham, and Yafes (proto-semitic? , proto-african? , proto-indo european? etc.) but up until now had managed to maintain enough similitude to enable proper communication harkening upon the commonalities of the language. It is only once one of the descending ethnic groups has the audacity to recognize its own potential and use it for subversion that this dispersion takes place. The inhabitants of Shinar scattered across the earth amongst their cousins of old. The Shinarites each off on their own in new geographic regions, further separating the ties of the archetypal dialect shared by Noach’s sons by means of repeating the same mistake... Self glorification of the Collective which through its advances seeks to differentiate itself against the established “other”. This newfound and developing philosophy possibly leading to the erection of many other monuments over the face of the earth. One Ziggurat begetting another, and another, and.... soon enough we have Mesopotamians/Babylonians, and Greeks with Ziggurats... Egyptians, Nubians, Meso-americans with their own incarnation via Pyramids. In the end we see that unfortunately Man seemingly never tires of this charade - one might even recall the Space Race (I personally don’t but its in the Collective memory) between the “United” States and the Soviet “Union”, a battle of egos and glorification of the Collective Self once again using the mechanisms symbolic of advanced civilization..... Anyway I’m sure any credible person in the field of linguistics or philology would easily be able to shatter these notions...but I’ve got an affinity for this bubble I built...

Monday, August 08, 2005

Neve Dekalim & Ganei Tal

Mogen Dovid shaped Shul faces destruction in expulsion plan, "he who is merciful to the merciless will in the end become merciless to the merciful"

Suffis vs. Kabbalists

Sufism, quite possibly has some connections to Kabbalus... but who knows for sure ..could there be something to Rabbi Yishmael ben Elisha being the one to put into writing the Sefer Bahir and the Pirkei Heichalos, him being called Yishmael maybe because he was in touch with mystic Suffis (or pre-suffis?)? Or maybe it was the other way around.... maybe we were the ones to "enlighten" those 'other' semites. I mean it could be that the Gemara in Gittin that refers to Rav Yishmael ben Elisha as a child in Roman captivity, is alluding to the idea of a 'tinok shenishba', that he was not in fact a child but rather is considered to be similar to one, in the sense that he was robbed of his Yiddishkeit, and was placed in a situation where it was replaced with another theology/philosophy. Or maybe we should take a second look into the pasuk in Bareishis 25:6 "but to the concubine-children who were Avraham's, Avraham gave gifts; then he sent them away from Yitzchak his son, while he was still alive, eastward to the land of the east."I have heard that some say these 'gifts' refer to spirituality, metaphysics, theosophy and things of that nature, that these concepts thrived in the east however they failed to keep it rooted in ethos and more basic forms of truth, which would be preliminary steps towards attaining the 'ultimate truth'. Perhaps this too is part of their problem.... we believe in Ein Sof, that God's knowledge is limitless, where as they believe it is finite (Sof, Suf, Sufi ?) and entirely attainable by mere mortal men. Anyway this is all conjecture, I suppose there is no way of knowing entirely wether both traditions come from the same source back during Avraham Avinus time, and that they simply developed on somewhat parallel paths, or wether Suffism was an entirely new innovation, or it arose as having been in direct contact with Kabbalus and adapted for Islam at some point. Guess we will never know for sure, but its fun to wonder.