Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Learning Like Fish in Memory of Kaduri

The Sage HaRav Kaduri has passed away last week, may his memory be a blessing upon Yisroel. He lived a long life - I have heard and read estimates anywhere between 103 and 111 years of age [birth records were not kept in Ottoman Iraq]. He was laid to rest at the Har HaMenuchos cemetery in Yerushalaim after being escorted there by 300,000 mourners who came to show their respects. Many newspapers have been writing articles about the life he lead and who he was as a man and what he represented. One thing I found of interest was that he was a vegetarian - except for Purim and Erev Yom Kippur on which he would eat some fish. I can only presume that he did such for some deep, hidden and mystical reason - nonetheless I will hypothesize as to why from my shallow perspective. For Purim the astrological [mazel] symbol of the month of Adar is the Fish ‘dagim’ or commonly referred to as Pisces. For Erev Yom Kippur this minhag of fish consumption has been adopted by some based on a Midrash in Bereshis Rabbah 11 . If anyone knows or would like to suggest any other possible reasons for why this righteous man has chosen such a path - I should love to hear it - and in doing so we would be collectively learning something in Rav Kaduri’s memory.

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