Sunday, March 12, 2006

Getting closer...

My mom and younger sister decided to embark an a real potchka job... the creation of Hamentaschen. I tasted them once they were done.... and they were too delicious. I was soon kicked out of the kitchen once I was assessed as a threat to the longevity of the Hamentaschen. Purim is one of the best holidays ever... I know I’m gonna be thinking about these bad boys during the fast tomorrow. I know they look a little messy but they will beat out any store bought ones you will ever taste by leaps and bounds.

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Zwerver said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You asked about my Lent/Judaism thing; I recently posted an updated entry about that.

I like your phrase "I was assessed as a threat to the longevity of the Hamentaschen" -- that's hilarious, and good writing! This year a friend and I got together to make Hamentaschen, then found out the dough has to chill overnight so I didn't get to eat any. Oh well, next year.