Thursday, April 27, 2006


What is the darkness within the trees
before whom the silent truths do flee
Rising to see the shade within
shining against the gleaning sin
Contrast to the last before the beginning
forecast of the trespassed is singing
Redeem the glow from its shell
renewed too slow under hypnotic spell
Falsehood a skin atop a fresh fruit
childwood to fan the flame of soot
Soon to emerge from the cocoon
rising once again like a new moon
Seven cycled immortally gathered
woven and eternally fathered
From whence will this be the resurrect
ascent and spired cleansed of defect
Pining for that moment to repeat
to be witnessed not solely in defeat
Let us grab a piece of infinitude
to find solace in what has been renewed.


Anonymous said...


hehe i got it

Brooklyn Habiru said...

Thank you