Monday, October 16, 2006


I’m back! . . . not that anyone missed me. Due to unpopular demand I will resume posting on the blog for the sake of my immense audience. In actuality I have been in Brooklyn (I’ve tried to argue that actually I am “visiting” the US until I return HOME to Eretz Yisrael) for quite a bit now, but have been contemplating deleting the blog, or simply abandoning it to cyberspace and letting it just float around like another piece of spacejunk. Perhaps at some point I will post a link to a digital photo album of my summer in Eretz HaTzvi if my lazy self gets around to it - or if enough people harass me about it [which is something I highly doubt would occur]. Rather than give a cap up of the events in my life, I’ve decided to simply resume in the same manner in which I have approached this enterprise from the beginning, that being to simply post whatever piques my interest at any given point in time, along with an image - usually one that I have created or captured myself... Oh yeah... and I hope everyone’s holidays went well [Rosh HaShana, Yom Kippur, Sukkos, Shmini Atzeres, Simchas Torah (did I miss any?)] - wishing everyone a belated happy, healthy and sweet new year - hoping we were all inscribed and sealed in the Book of Life.


hudi54 said...

keep on Rocking!
i want to see the pic's!
looking forward to more blogging!

Anonymous said...

אנחנו רוצים לראות תמונות!