Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dreams Can Be Reality

Tears flowing down the softest cheeks
fears growing lofty as mountain peaks
each drop more precious than diamonds
preach atop a holy soul un-wizened
her pain stabs me inside my gut
my strain of emotion visceral cuts
I will remove her sorrows despite mine
I’ll spill all the sands of time
Sometimes it is another that heals wounds
So sublime not a tick-tocking cocoon
I am the other to remove it all
despite my frequent internal falls
A sin to behold such beauty suffer
chagrin I’m told is rudely rougher
Our souls demand to be entwined
flowers wholly grow signs divine
The cosmos beckons one to another
the logos beseeching us to hover
Afloat above all sinking below
remote from all anguish carried in tow
an eternal station under the suns
A new creation her and I one


hudi54 said...

a poem based on fact or fiction?
is it all real or is it all but a big dream?
keep on writing, your doing it good!

Brooklyn Habiru said...

Entirely based on reality... but then again our reality may just be a dream

Anonymous said...

I love this poem... and im so touched. <3
This must be my hundreth time reading it...Then again i guess anyone would read a poem dedicated to them that many times. Especially one so beautiful...
would you write it over in white pen, with the picture of the lake in the backround for me, and frame it? that would be the SWEETEST gift.
p.s.- i love you.