Thursday, November 02, 2006

Who Resembles God’s Myrtle of Bohemia

This girl crawled into my head
now its all been done and said
its been over from the beginning
gnawing thoughts at my mind still clinging
was I a toy or a decoy ?
or just a boy lacking in joy
it was doomed from inception
my souls entombed from conception
shallow waters are in abundance
hallowed slaughter my hearts ascendance
rejection on a physical plane
seemingly an eternal stain
it is all truly for the best
it is only but another test
lessons learned and earned for tomorrow
my person churned toward avoiding sorrows
bliss was clearly not intended for today
but I presume it shall arrive another way...


Anonymous said...

those are some beauty-filled words i wish i could have words like that for my songs! it sounds like hard times but chear up it will be o.k. and in the end it will pay (hey gave me an idea) anyway see you in israel tommorow. hudi54

Brooklyn Habiru said...

I'm considering spending some time in a Yeshivah in Israel in the near future... so perhaps then I can help you out with some lyrics - but alas, my poetic ability in Loshon HaKodesh is not yet on par with my Anglo ability...

Anonymous said...

it certainly will