Monday, January 08, 2007

Modern Revelations?

We live in interesting times. It seems the pace at which things are moving are faster than ever. I am not sure whether it’s a matter of perception, a change in reality, or the confluence of events in the world coinciding with technologies that make information so instantaneously available. What I do know is that it is different [though, then again – most people believe the age in which they personally are living in to be of paramount significance and perhaps justifiably so]. I was recently at a friend’s house whose family is very into natural living, organic lifestyles, vegetarianism etc., and I picked up a magazine that had been sitting on their coffee table and began reading it. Within, there were many advertisements for the advice and help of various gurus, witchdoctors, shamans, so on and so forth… basically though probably well intentioned – quacks. However there was one article that referenced something known as Indigo Children, and this piqued my interest. Most of the attributes that these children possess sound more like a ben sorer umorer, however that is not what interested me. Allegedly these children have abilities that are of a seemingly spiritual nature, such as telekinesis, psychic talent, and communication with the “unseen world”. This reminded me of a now defunct website that had been around for a while that recorded the thoughts of a Jewish six year old boy in the NYC area that professedly was revealing ideas regarding Moshiach’s eminent arrival as per conversations with his father. Of course, it entirely could have been fakery, but nonetheless we do have a tradition according to the Zohar of the potentiality for such a scenario and its validity.

Zohar on Parshas Vayera : "Rabbi Shimon continued: HaKadosh Baruch Hu, does not wish that too much be revealed to the world. But when the Days of Moshiach are near, even infants in the world will discover the secrets of Wisdom and, through them, know how to calculate and figure the End of Days. At that time, it will be revealed to everyone. Therefore, it is written: "For then will I turn to the peoples a pure language..." (Tzefanyah 3:9). What is meant by "then"? It means at the time when the Knesses Yisrael shall rise from the dust, and HaKadosh Baruch Hu, shall raise her up. Then, "I will turn to the peoples a pure language that they may all call upon HaShem and serve Him with one consent"."

However that in and of itself of course is not enough of a justification for acceptance. We know that even within Orthodoxy the Zohar is not entirely accepted by everyone as being an authentic sefer to be learned – for example the RaMBaM oriented Dor Daim of Yemen who follow the judgments of the sefer Milchamos HaShem, lambast it as stinking of avodah zarah. Personally I am no expert on the matter and will reserve my opinion for a future date at which time I will God willing be more learned. Nonetheless I could not help but recall the stories I had heard about this child, and the passage of the Zohar referencing the intuitive capacity for young children in the days preceding Moshiach’s arrival. It may very well be that these alleged “Indigo Children” are simply spoiled brats, pampered by their parents into negative behaviors, an instance of a father who read too much into his son’s imagination, and an over-acceptance of the Zohar’s authenticity within Orthodox Judaism that led me to ponder these things – however it is very tantalizing and seducing to be able to point to concrete evidence of how close something is that we yearn so greatly for. Honestly, I want to believe these children have powers, and the boy in NYC had visions, and that the Zohar is dead on about this topic… it has great emotional appeal – but it may be a bit irrational, illogical and not in line with what the Torah wants of us. Before I run off accepting such ideas, it is probably best for me to recall “Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai taught: If you have a fruit-tree on your hands and someone says to you: Here is the Moshiach. Go and finish planting your fruit-tree just the same, and afterwards go out and welcome the Moshiach.” (Avos d’Rabi Nasan 31).

Perhaps I am best off continuing with the work at hand, conscientiously with full force, and not allow myself to be concerned with such proclamations - it is in the hands of heaven, and when Moshiach arrives I will not be plagued with questions of rationalism - it will {I hope} be blatantly obvious to all.

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Michal H.H. said...

First to clarify, a Ben sorer umoreh does not apply to a child who is simply stubborn and rebellious. There are many, very specific conditions a child must fulfill for him to be considered a Ben sorer umoreh; one being a drunkard, another a thief.
That being said, I have researched on these so-called “indigo children” and my opinion is as follows:
These children are neither gifted nor paranormal. They are simply the product of terrible parenting. The attributes they possess are derived from the lack of discipline given to them by their guardians. To quote you, “when the Days of Moshiach are near, even infants in the world will discover the secrets of Wisdom and, through them, know how to calculate and figure the End of Day.”
Calculation and clarity are awfully different abilities then those being claimed, such as “mind reading” and “natural healing.” If indeed they were able to heal through touch or some other nonsense being claimed in regards to their “powers”, long ago these indigo children would have been exploited by government, or used in hospitals for medication around the globe. As for mind reading, I do not believe in such gabble especially considering the lack of factual proof.
Further more, upon slight study, these children seem nothing more then the products of a corrupted society, over exaggerated at an attempt to “get rich quick.”
Just recently you and I spoke of the idea of one forming a religion and gathering followers, over constructed mores and values established by a simple ordinary human being. I believe the ideas brought up in that conversation have been manifested though the proposal of these indigo children and the “revelation” they are bringing; the revelation being a new age religion. The concept of Indigo children was obtained –and listen to this- “via conversations with a spiritual entity known as Kyron.”
Apparently Kyron is a mystical force, an intangible, ethereal entity who “has been with the earth” since the beginning of time. Sounds a lot like yet another name for umm….God?
Except get this- this Caroll (or both Caroll’s), is claiming himself to be a prophet! And building the foundation for a new religion through the “channeled” energy received via these spoiled brats who will “show us the way” and bring peace. It’s beginning now to sound like avodah zarah. Disrespectful and ill-mannered children in the past century would not have been given respect, and a voice, as they have now in our tarnished America, where everything and anything is considered acceptable. Rather they would have been reprimanded and set strait immediately! A rude, crude group of youngsters will bring no one peace; perhaps not even to themselves.
When coming across question such as “do u have trouble conforming” and “do you feel alone” the answers to all of these being “THEN YOU ARE AN INDIGO CHILD; CONGRADULATIONS MY FRIEND!” are only a justification for behavior that is considered out of the norm, and sometimes even deviant! Behavior that requires immediate attention and does not need to be encouraged nor fostered!
Even if the Zohar is what you refer to as “dead on” about the topic of these powerful understanding children, anyone is mistaken in their belief that these children are what the Zohar is referencing.
Most importantly these children are goyim! The infants the Zohar so distinctly speaks of will most defiantly be Jews, the children of Yisrael.
My grandfather is a great advocate of the Zohar Hakadosh and has studied it through and through, and so I have been taught to follow in his ways and deem the Zohar as an explanatory text and a valid source. Yet after hearing many of your arguments regarding the Zohar (things that I have never heard before, I assure you) I choose to refrain from commenting on the text seeing as I am ignorant in regards to it.
Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai taught: If you have a fruit-tree on your hands and someone says to you: Here is the Moshiach. Go and finish planting your fruit-tree just the same”
---How much more so should we go on planting our tree when we have not even heard that moshiach is coming?! Only a story about some lunatic, constructing a false religion by means of “gifted” children, who happen to seem slightly similar to those children spoken of in a text that isn’t even considered legitimate by a large number of secular Jews!!!
So may we go on planting together you and I, and toil in our labor, for the only thing as you say, “blatantly obvious” to me now is that I love you.
Hope my response is adequate.
Michal. H.