Thursday, April 26, 2007

גבעת איתם

Beautiful photographs taken by Menachem Kuchar of a march to Givat Eitam, a hill that will soon God-willing be enveloped by Efrat.


hudi54 said...

by the way i dont want to be full of my self but, the idea of acting on the eitam was basicly my idea!

it was only after i sent letters to the "Efrat email list"
and the mayer of efrat (under an alias),
and put up papers saying "what happened to the eytam hill"
all over efrat
that the "Women in green" and everybody else started this!

Brooklyn Habiru said...

I remember when we were walking around one erev Shabbos las summer in Efrat you told me about your idea to set up a caravan atop Eitam in order to establish it as being contiguosly part of Efrat... I find it as no surprise that your instigation in part led to this march. Yasher Koach.