Monday, May 21, 2007

!כ כה כהנ כהנא מברוקלין

Not that I am the biggest fan of Breslov in particular or Chassidus in general - but here goes...

Rebbe Nachman mentioned a "Song of Redemption" that would be revealed before Moshiach's arrival. This song would be in a "single, double, triple, quadruple" form (Likutei Moharan II, #8). Rabbi Yisroel Odesser proposed one, in his "Letter from Heaven" here I propose another. I chanced upon this letter after a long day of not fasting and am certain that it is not of Divine origin.... it states:

It was very hard for me to descend to you, my precious student, to tell you that I benefited greatly from your service. And to you I say, my fire will burn until the coming of the Messiah -- be strong and courageous in your service -- Ka Kaha Kahan Kahane Me'Brooklyn. And with this I shall tell you a secret: Full and heaped up from line to line, and with strong devotional service you will understand it. And the sign is: They will say you are not fasting on the 17th of Tammuz.

I hereby declare that henceforth "I am Ka Kaha Kahan Kahane Me'Brooklyn!"

PS: To all those Nachmanis out there - please don't get too offended, I say this all in good jest - I always hear Breslovers saying "mitzvah gedolah l'hiyos b'simcha" and laughter is just another way of achieving that end. I intend no disrespect to the deceased - may their merit save us... I would just like to add though if one day I saw large swaths of the Land plastered with
"כ כה כהנ כהנא מברוקלין" I would be brimming with pride...

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