Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yom Yerushalayim - יום ירושלים

"ירושלים הבנויה - כעיר שחברה להּ יחדו"

"The built up Yerushalayim is like a city that is united together"(Tehillim 122:3)

Unfortunately currently this does not seem to be the case while that abomination still sits atop Har HaBayis. Jews are forbidden from praying there - and arrested if their lips are seen in motion on the rare chance the State permits Jewish visitors. A small delegation of Rabbonim ascending makes headline news. I pray and dream for the day that Yerushalayim is just as in the vision described by Dovid HaMelech, and I acknowledge the outright miracles that HaShem has performed for us 1967. However our work is not yet done...


Ben-Yehudah said...

B"H Now sure how else to communicate with you. It would be cool to get an e-mail address, but of course, that's your choice. I've linked to your blog. BTW, I've been connected w/Rav Bar-Hayim for 7 yrs. now. I hope to move back to Yerushalayim, in part to be nearer to him and tha "Hevreh." When are you coming to Israel? ...at least to visit?

Brooklyn Habiru said...

If you would like we can communicate via e-mail... mine is BrooklynHabiru@aol.com - I appreciate and tend to agree with the hashkafa espoused by Rav Bar-Hayim from the few things I have read online, thats great that you maintain that connection. In regard to coming to Israel, I wish it were yesterday already - I intend on making Aliyah once I finish my education here in Chutz La'Aretz. The last time I was there was this previous summer during the "war" in Lebanon.