Sunday, July 01, 2007

Syncerus caffer

It seems that some sources within Judaism indicate that the things we choose to eat, and in particular the animals we choose to eat carry potent symbolism and messages. Different species embody traits we are either to shun or emulate. The stork, is despite its generosity speciesist (or reflectively ethnocentric), the pig is inherently deceptive… This has led me to consider the dictum “you are what you eat”, particularly in light of some astounding footage that was taken by some tourists on safari in Kruger Park, South Africa. The buffalo’s status as a permitted kosher animal as percieved through the lens of this glimpse into the animal kingdom should encourage us as the Jewish nation to actively and collectively pursue the return of our captives in accord with the Torah’s command of ‘pidyun shvuyim’. If only the raw, natural instinct that drove these buffalo toward the course of action they took would be adopted, then our holy nation would be able to dwell securely within its own Land... sadly it seems that the so called "leaders" in Israel are addicted to a menu of treif spineless jellyfish.

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